Divi Overlays

50/60 Hz Filter

Motor Protection: 50/60 Hz Filter CTM Solution: SWF Line Frequency Sine Wave Filters Power semiconductor advances are driving conventional filter technology to obsolescence. Traditional laminated silicon-steel filters are struggling to meet the additional demands...

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120-1000 hz filter

Motor Protection: 120-1000 Hz Filter CTM Solution: S4L LIQUID COOLED HIGH FREQUENCY SINE WAVE FILTERS Developed specifically for high frequency PMAC applications, CTM High Frequency Liquid Cooled Sine Wave Filters transform the output of high frequency Variable Speed...

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Line Side Harmonic Filtering

Line Side: Harmonic Filtering CTM Solution: GRIDDEFENDER HARMONIC FILTERS Non-linear loads such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) increase efficiency; however, they significantly pollute the power quality of the site and grid by introducing substantial harmonic...

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