Recover CAPEX and Improve Efficiency/Reliability (OPEX) in PM Motors

CTM SWF for PM Motor = No THD, no added common mode, No VFD de-rate, Max motor HP rating

VFD’s require 20-50% de-rate to reduce harmonic distortion (THD) to the PM motor, which becomes expensive quickly. Adding a CTM SWF between the VFD and a PM motor reduces VFD de-rate cost and system CAPEX cost while increasing efficiency and HP rating.

Although SWF technology catalyzes high power PM motor adoption, investment payback time is reduced. PM motors require pure sine waves to meet efficiency and HP ratings. Typical steel SWF have high power loss AND add common mode noise into the motor.

The added power loss kills efficiency and common mode requires additional filters at the motor or the motor suffers limited life. CTM SWF technology loses 70% less power and adds zero common mode noise to the motor. PM motor systems with CTM SWF are much more efficient and require no additional common mode filtering to improve motor life. CTM SWF for PM motors lower CAPEX costs and reduce OPEX costs to optimize PM motor payback.

PM motor products: Flexsine120(60-120Hz), S240(240Hz), S350(350Hz), S500(500Hz)