HVAC & Chillers

In HVAC, efficiency is king. That is why variable frequency drives (VFDs) have become the standard control system in HVAC and large industrial chiller installations. VFDs offer precision speed control for motors driving pumps, chillers, fans, and compressors, yielding significant energy savings and lower operation costs. To further increase efficiency, many industrial HVAC applications are adopting permanent magnet (PM) motors.

Energy Storage & Utilities

Utility companies are responsible for tirelessly maintaining the integrity of the power grid. Distributed power (residential solar) and renewable energy technologies (such as solar panels and wind turbines) are increasingly being used as power generation sources.


In utility-scale solar power generation, total cost of ownership and reliability are some of the most critical factors to consider. CTM’s liquid cooled inductor technology, with its low-cost, high efficiency, and robust design, is ideally suited to meet both of these industry demands.


Wind power is increasingly being applied as a mainstream energy supply. Wind turbines traditionally connect to the power grid through a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG), which efficiently ensures that AC power is at line frequency (50 or 60 Hz), regardless of the actual rotating speed of the wind turbine. After the doubly-fed induction generator, a step-up transformer is generally used to increase the voltage.

Marine & Offshore

In marine and offshore applications, Size Matters. When real estate is at a premium, look no further than CTM liquid cooled technology, the optimum choice for power density and efficiency.


In industrial and manufacturing applications, variable frequency drives (VFDs) have become common-place; VFDs hold distinct advantage over other electronic controls, such as increased energy efficiency, more refined signal control, and the ability to start and stop with a ramp-up and ramp-down schedule (variable speeds).

Oil & Gas

At CTM, we know that reliability and up-time are critical for our oil & gas customers. That is why CTM manufactures most reliable power quality products on the market with the lowest operating temperatures. CTM power quality solutions help protect all your critical applications, keeping equipment up and running for longer periods of time by reducing voltage spikes and harmful harmonic distortion.


Military contractors consistently come CTM Magnetics due to our ability to provide solutions for the most demanding problems. At CTM Magnetics, we pride ourselves in being innovators and designers that strive to answer the most challenging questions. Some of our most innovative products have been born out of the most difficult circumstances, so we value the opportunity to work on your most arduous power quality demands.

Other Industries

Work in an industry that we do not directly mentioned on our site? Not surprising. As energy demand continually increase, power quality applications will become ubiquitous across a plethora of industries. CTM Magnetics has already provided solutions to countless industries. However, we have found that most industries and applications are trying to solve the same common problems.

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