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Utility companies are responsible for tirelessly maintaining the integrity of the power grid. Distributed power (residential solar) and renewable energy technologies (such as solar panels and wind turbines) are increasingly being used as power generation sources.

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All of these intermittent energy sources put tolls on the utility providers, who must regulate the distribution of these sources and maintain the power supply while these sources are not producing. In order to achieve these tasks, utilities must incorporate means for on-demand power generation, such as battery energy storage systems (BESS), quick-start gas turbine-generators, and other electrical, mechanical and thermal energy storage systems.

Accompanying these on-demand energy storage and generation systems are control circuits and converters, all of which introduce harmonic distortion to the grid. In order to maintain grid integrity, power quality products must be utilized to condition the voltage signal so that the line frequency and voltage that customers expect is seen at the wall outlet. CTM grid-tie filters offer an excellent option for efficiently filtering power generators as they supply power to the grid.

CTM line/load reactors and other power quality products can also be incorporated to add a level of protection on the grid from harmonic distortions, voltage spikes, and power surges, which are all the result of nonlinear loads, intermittent power generation, and variable power demands that are inherent on most grids.

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