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In marine and offshore applications, Size Matters. When real estate is at a premium, look no further than CTM liquid cooled technology, the optimum choice for power density and efficiency.

How We Help

CTM specializes in liquid cooled systems, which allow for better heat transfer, yielding a smaller, more energy efficient solution than both natural convection and forced-air cooled systems. CTM is the industry leader in liquid cooled power quality solutions; we developed and shipped our first liquid cooled system in 2006. Since then, we have been perfecting the design and manufacturing process to produce the most reliable liquid cooled solution in the smallest package.

Superior thermal management technology, proprietary materials, and unique geometry allow CTM to create the highest possible power density solutions. Whether it be CTM Sinewave Filters, line/load reactors, active front-end filters, or some other power quality product, stop wasting valuable space and contact CTM today about our liquid cooled power quality solutions.

Small / Quiet / Efficient / Reliable

Stop trying to make silicon steel "work"