Military contractors consistently come CTM Magnetics due to our ability to provide solutions for the most demanding problems. At CTM Magnetics, we pride ourselves in being innovators and designers that strive to answer the most challenging questions. Some of our most innovative products have been born out of the most difficult circumstances, so we value the opportunity to work on your most arduous power quality demands.

How We Help

Military contractors seek CTM Magnetics for our advanced technology and ability to innovate. Our liquid cooled reactors and filters are the smallest, most efficient systems in the world, containing 98% of the dissipated heat to the heat exchanger. CTM also engineers environmentally sealed electronics packaging, protecting against the elements in the harshest environments. For additional robustness, CTM has proven designs to meet the strict shock and vibration specifications necessary for military applications.

Furthermore, CTM manufactures silicon-carbide ready filters and inductors. Silicon-carbide switches are a next-generation replacement for silicon IGBTs in AC drives and inverters. Silicon-carbide power semiconductors promise higher efficiency operation due to extremely fast switching frequencies. However, due to geometric and material constraints, traditional laminated silicon-steel filters are incapable of handling these fast switching frequencies without significant inefficiencies and heating. On the other hand, CTM filters and inductors, with advanced materials and unique geometries, do not face the same limitations as silicon-steel laminates; they are fully capable of capitalizing on silicon-carbide semiconductor efficiency gains.

Shock and vibe requirements? Geometric constraints? Silicon-carbide semiconductors? Thermal management difficulties? Short-duty cycles? Whatever demanding design parameters you have, CTM design engineers will work with you to provide the best customized solution for your unique application. We even offer full exchange of custom CAD models to improve design time and aid in communication and understanding. Contact us today to discuss your distinct power quality needs.

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