In utility-scale solar power generation, total cost of ownership and reliability are some of the most critical factors to consider. CTM’s liquid cooled inductor technology, with its low-cost, high efficiency, and robust design, is ideally suited to meet both of these industry demands.

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Solar power is increasingly being applied as a mainstream energy supply. Due to the ease with which it can be scaled, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are seen as one of the most viable renewable energy sources for the future. On the largest scale (from 1 MW to hundreds of megawatts), photovoltaic power stations (also known as solar parks or farms) are being designed and implemented for utility-scale renewable power generation.

At the utility-scale, overall system efficiency is critical in the solar power generation. CTM liquid cooled technology is an ideal solution for this high efficiency market; CTM liquid cooled products lead the industry in efficiency, with 98% of heat being rejected to the coolant. CTM liquid cooled filters and reactors can utilize almost any coolant, such as water, water/glycol mixtures, refrigerants, even two-phase refrigerants. Additionally, CTM utilizes state-of-the-art, extremely low core loss magnetic materials. This combination of exceptional thermal management and advanced magnetics allows CTM to manufacture the most efficient filter systems available.

Photovoltaic cells produce direct current (DC) electricity; in order to output power to the power grid, grid-tie inverters are required to convert this DC electricity to the AC power on the grid. In order to minimize the amount of losses and harmonic content from the inverter, a CTM liquid cooled grid-tie filter should be utilized to eliminate harmonic distortion and meet the requirements of IEEE 519. CTM grid-tie filters employ the most energy efficient filtering technology on the market; the combination of advanced materials, unique geometry, and superior heat management (liquid cooled technology) allow CTM to boost filter efficiency to unparalleled levels. CTM grid-tie filters increase the performance ratio of the entire photovoltaic system.

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