480 V Passive Harmonic Filters

GridHawk® Series

Partial Load Performance. On-board intelligence. Generator Compatible. IEEE-519
NEMA 3R Cabinet
Available In: MagStand
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Product Overview

Non-linear loads such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) increase motor efficiency but also introduce substantial harmonic voltage and current distortion, THVD and THID respectively. In certain regions, such as the Permian Basin, the voltage distortion can reach dangerously high levels. Under these levels, most standard 480 V passive harmonic filters, AFEs (Active Front End), and 18 pulse drives fail.

CTM GRIDHAWK® series filters are rated to handle up to 22.5% THVD without failure. All GRIDHAWK® series filters are engineered to help meet the IEEE-519 requirements under full load conditions (5% THID). CTM GRIDHAWK® filters utilize poly-film capacitors because of their better current ripple handling capabilities. CTM GRIDHAWK® filters are available in multiple packaging configurations and come with both air and liquid cooled options.

Product Guarantee:

Due to CTM’s confidence in this product line, all CTM GRIDHAWK® filters come with a performance guarantee. This is something none of our competitors are willing to do. GRIDHAWK®  filters are built to survive. We guarantee it.

Custom Solutions:

For unique applications, CTM provides semi and fully custom solutions. The CTM engineering team will work with you to design a product that meets even the most challenging application requirements. Due to our design software, CTM is able to produce custom designs in as little as two business days. If you have any questions or need help finding a product give us a call today or submit a form through our contact us page.

CTM is the leading choice in power quality products because of our unparalleled capabilities. With the highest filtering capabilities, smallest package size, lowest noise, highest power density, no common mode noise, and competitive prices, CTM Magnetics is the best choice to meet all of your power quality needs. Contact CTM today.

In a severely distorted voltage environment, a saturation of GRIDHAWK® 480 V Passive Harmonic Filters will correct the voltage distortion for the entire area, producing a cleaner grid.

  • Film capacitors
  • Generator compatible
  • Excellent partial load performance
  • On-board intelligence
  • Helps meet IEEE-519 standards


Typical Applications

Six-Pulse Rectifier (generator compatible)

Input Voltage / Frequency

480 V ±10% / 60 Hz

Current Range

GRIDHAWK®: 80 A - 525 A (Air Cooled) | 80 A - 950 A (Liquid Cooled) | GRIDHAWK® HD: 80 A - 525 A (Air Cooled) | 80 A - 740 A (Liquid Cooled)

Maximum THID

<5% @ Full Load | <8% @ 25% Load

Overload Capability

150% rated current for 1 minute (Air) | 200% rated current for 1 minute (Liquid)

Ambient Temperature Limits

Maximum: 50 °C (122 °F) (Air) | 65 °C (149 °F) (Liquid) | Minimum: -50 °C (-58 °F) (Air) | -40 °C (-40 °F) (Liquid)

Preventative measures should be taken to ensure the coolant does not freeze in the system. For UL 508A listing, the maximum ambient temperature is 40 °C (104 °F).

Enclosure Options

Modular Panel (Air & Liquid Cooled) | NEMA 3R Cabinet (Air Cooled Only)

Capacitor Contactors

0 - No contactor | 1 - Contactor for capacitor disconnect (customer control required) | 2 - Contactor for capacitor disconnect with automatic pick-up and drop-out (on-board intelligence)

Agency Recognitions

cЯUus 1446 | UL 508A

GridHawk® Highlights

Excellent Partial Load Performance GridHawk® passive harmonic filters not only meet IEEE-519 requirements under full load conditions, they also are designed for partial load performance, with THID levels maintained below 8% all the way down to 25% load. High-Reliability Capacitors CTM harmonic filters utilize high-reliability capacitors. Compared to the electrolytic capacitors used in competitors’ filters, CTM capacitors have higher capacitance stability with temperature, higher surge voltage ratings, and are low ESR for higher ripple current handling. Additionally, CTM capacitors are self-healing. All of these factors lead to boosts in system reliability and longevity. Helps Meet IEEE-519 Standards VFDs introduce harmonic current distortion on the grid that can cause problems for nearby equipment. The addition of a CTM harmonic filter reduces current distortion below 5% THID, helping meet IEEE-519 requirements and eliminating nuisance tripping of the drive, nearby equipment, and circuit breakers. Simple Customer Connections (3 In / 3 Out) All fan power is derived internally, eliminating the need for customer-provided fan power. Additionally, with capacitor contactor option 200, control for capacitor contactors can be controlled within the filter, with automatic pick-up and drop-out. This feature greatly simplifies field installation, only requiring three input and three output power connections (temperature monitoring optional). Less connections minimizes the chance of improper installation, which has caused performance issues and failures in competitor filters.

  • Engineered to Help Meet IEEE-519 Compliance

  • Partial Load Performance

  • High-Reliability Capacitors

Non-linear loads such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) increase efficiency; however, they significantly pollute the power quality of the site and grid by introducing substantial harmonic current distortion (THID). The addition of a GridHawk harmonic filter reduces harmonic current distortion below 5%, ensuring compliance with IEEE-519 and protecting other on-site equipment. Furthermore, HPF filters perform well under partial load conditions, are generator compatible, and utilize high-reliability capacitors.

480 V Passive Harmonic Filters

GridHawk® Series
480 V Passive Harmonic Filters

GridHawk® Series
480 V Passive Harmonic Filters

GridHawk® Series