60Hz Sine Wave Filters Liquid Cooled-SWL Series

No Common Mode. No Capacitor Maintenance. No Cabinet Heat. Very Small

Product Overview

CTM Liquid Cooled Sine Wave Filters transform the output of Variable Frequency/Speed Drives (VFDs or VSDs) from a Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) square wave with voltage spikes and high frequency harmonics to a near perfect sinusoidal waveform. CTM’s patented liquid cooled technology traps and removes 97% of the filter’s heat in the highest power density solution available to the market. The largest companies in the world rely on CTM technology, with more than 200,000 installed units in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Liquid Cooled Advantages

  • Highest power density
  • Lowest audible noise
  • Sealed design for harsh conditions
  • Thermally isolated from ambient

CTM Sine Wave Filters:

  • No Common Mode Noise
  • No Capacitor Maintenance
  • Increase maximum allowable lead length between motor and drive (up to 15,000 feet)
  • 100% Load at Cold-Start
  • Stop Rewinding Motors
Harmonic Voltage Distortion

<5% THVD @ 2 kHz

Voltage Range

Up to 500 V

Fundamental Frequency

6 - 70 Hz (higher with de-rating) - For up to 400 Hz applications, see S4L Series Sine Wave Filters

Switching Frequency

2 - 20 kHz Above 8 kHz, contact CTM for application verification

Motor Cable Length

Up to 15,000 feet

Current Range

130 - 1,440 A

Overload Capability

200% rated current for 1 minute

Maximum Coolant Temperature

50 °C (122 °F) (higher with de-rating)

Approved Coolants

Drinking water Water-glycol mixture For R134A, contact CTM

Agency Recognitions

cЯUus 1446

Plumbing Material Options

Aluminum (standard) Copper

Heat Removal

97% to Liquid Coolant 3% to Ambient Air

Maximum Ambient Temperature

65 °C (149 °F)

Maximum Altitude

No Limit

Product Highlights

  • No Common Mode Noise Common-mode (bearing) current can have disastrous effects on induction motors, leading to electric fluting and premature bearing failure. CTM offers the only sine wave filters that do not introduce common-mode currents.
  • High-Reliability Capacitors CTM sine wave filters utilize high-reliability capacitors. Compared to the electrolytic capacitors used in competitors’ filters, CTM capacitors have higher capacitance stability with temperature, higher surge voltage ratings, and are low ESR for higher ripple current handling. Additionally, CTM capacitors are self-healing. All of these factors lead to boosts in system reliability and longevity.
  • 100% Load at Cold-Start (Automatic Restart) Electrolytic caps have high ESR at lower temperature. Hence, in cold environments, they require time to heat up during start/restart. If this procedure is not followed, electrolytic caps will fail. On the other hand, CTM’s capacitors are ready for 100% load at all temperatures, leading to quick cold-starts and restarts.
  • Low Audible Noise Due to superior materials and geometric shapes, magnetostriction-induced noise is significantly lower in CTM filters.

Liquid Cooled Advantages

  • Highest Power Density: Superior heat removal technology enables smaller magnetics, yielding the highest power density reactors available. Low surface temperatures eliminate clearance requirements, further increasing “effective” power density.
  • Thermal Isolation: With up to 97% of heat removed through the coolant, liquid cooled reactors have negligible effects on cabinet air temperature. No climate control required.
  • Sealed Design for Harsh Environments: RPL Reactors are environmentally sealed, creating an extremely rugged and reliable design ideal for use in the harsh environments.
  • Extremely Low Audible Noise: Due to superior materials and geometric shapes, magnetostriction-induced noise is significantly lower in CTM Reactors. When combined with a sealed package, the result is a nearly silent solution.

The Ultimate Solution for 60Hz Motor Protection

CTM’s SWL sine wave filters are specifically designed for optimal performance with 60 Hz motors. Attenuated for PWM switching frequencies as low as 2 kHz (and up to 40 kHz), SWL filters will meet your most demanding motor filtering needs for all 60 Hz applications.

60Hz Sine Wave Filters Liquid Cooled-SWL Series