About Us

Leading The Charge: Removing Harm From Harmonics

At CTM Magnetics, we are driven by a passion for delivering cutting-edge power quality solutions to our valued customers. With decades of industry expertise, our commitment to excellence shines through in every product we offer. As a trusted global leader, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality harmonic filters, sine wave filters, transformers, reactors, and custom solutions that optimize power efficiency and reduce harmonic distortion.

Our dedicated team of engineers takes pride in offering unparalleled customer service, collaborating directly with clients to gain a deep understanding of their unique application needs. This personalized approach allows us to craft tailor-made solutions that precisely match the requirements of each project. From fully customized to semi-custom options, our applications engineers can propose comprehensive power quality solutions in just two business days, enabling our customers to accelerate their projects and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business landscape. At CTM Magnetics, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower our clients with innovative, reliable, and efficient power solutions that drive success in their endeavors.

Brand Promise

Small. Quiet. Efficient. Reliable

Our brand promise encapsulates our commitment to deliver power quality solutions that are compact and space-saving, operating with no noise vibrations (common in silicon steel), optimizing energy efficiency for cost-effectiveness, and ensuring unwavering reliability to empower our customers’ operations with seamless performance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to pioneer power quality solutions by designing industry leading products that optimize efficiency and remove harm from harmonics. We aim to empower businesses worldwide with innovative and reliable power solutions, making a positive impact on the future of energy and driving success for our valued customers.

Vision Statement

Our vision at CTM Magnetics is to be the global leader in power quality solutions, revolutionizing the industry with our innovative products and commitment to harmonic-free efficiency. We envision a future where businesses and communities thrive, powered by our advanced technologies that promote reliability and sustainability.

Company Values

We value innovation through problem solving, thoughtful configuration, meeting customer need, experimentation, continuous improvement, differentiate, and growth.

We value and embrace risk. CTM leadership cultivates and supports calculated risk taking.

We value and trust employees, customers, partners, and vendors. Cultivating trust takes a continuous commitment to honesty.

We value a culture of open communication. Ideas come from customers, employees, and vendors.

We value our people and the people they care about. We nurture positive attitudes and empower employees to succeed and grow. We value debate, positive disagreement, and differing opinions.

We value loyalty, honesty, and commitment to our customers and employees.

We value efficiency in our products, manufacturing, operations, and people.

We value mastery and embrace the bi-directional education component of learning from experienced peers.

Our History

Innovating Since 1976

CTM Magnetics has been driving innovation since 1976 as a family-owned business, renowned for its patented technology. Proudly crafted in Tempe, Arizona, all of CTM’s Intellectual Property showcases our team’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, growth, delivering on promises, and nurturing our cherished culture throughout the years.


Power Redefined

CTM Magnetics designed, engineered, and patented brand new inductor technology providing revolutionary unparalleled cooling capabilities and scalability, establishing CTM Magnetics as the industry leader in high-power solutions and technology.


GridHawk Unleashed

CTM Magnetics engineered GridHawk input harmonic filters, packaged in NEMA 3R cabinets to tackle harmonic challenges in the Permian Basin and broaden its presence in hybrid generator, microgrids, hybrid marine, mining, and agriculture industries.


Revolutionizing Cooling Solutions

CTM Magnetics introduced fully liquid-cooled magnetics, supplying the US Navy and gaining access to Navy, Marine, HVAC/Chiller, and renewable energy markets.


Pioneering Innovation

CTM Magnetics Patented inductor technology for 3-phase VFD/Inverter high-power systems, marking entry into the Oil/Gas and D-VAR industrial markets.


Embracing Legacy

CTM Magnetics transferred over to current ownership – Family owned & operated. Produced custom inductors and transformers for audio, telecom, and the medical industry.


CTM Magnetics Inception


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