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At CTM, we understand the challenges facing farmers in managing ever increasing energy costs. That is why we have developed the CTM AG Sine Wave Filter – an innovative solution designed to reduce the energy consumption of water pumping systems. Our Ag Sine Wave Filter, designed by a farmer for farmers, leverages highly efficient materials to deliver energy cost savings ≥ 2-3%. With a payback period of less than 12 months, this solution provides farmers with a tangible return on investment, and the ability to redirect capital towards other areas of an operation. Don’t let energy cost control your operation – see the benefits for yourself. With the rise of grid voltage distortion, utility providers are starting to enforce strict IEEE-519 guidelines for pumping applications. CTM Magnetics GridHawk® passive harmonic filters are an effective solution for mitigating harmonic distortion created by VFDs, ensuring IEEE-519 compliance.


How we help the Agriculture industry

Energy Savings

CTM Magnetics AG Sine Wave Filters are manufactured using proprietary highly efficient materials that reduce the energy consumption of water pumping systems.

Simple Installation

Conveniently packaged in a weatherproof NEMA 3R rated enclosure, featuring plug & play 3-in/3-out power connections, CTM AG Sine Wave Filters are easy to install, ideal for new systems or retrofitting existing wells.


CTM solutions utilize highly efficient and reliable components. With over 100,000 products installed and over 1 billion hours of service, you can rely on CTM products year round.

No project is too complicated

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