Efficiency Refined: CTM FlexSine & HighSine Lead the Way for High Frequency Motor Applications

As the market for industrial mining equipment transitions toward hybrid electric and fully electric power systems, demand for high power magnetics is also increasing. This push for fully electric surface and subsurface mining equipment has also created demand for high power EV chargers and energy storage systems. CTM Magnetics air and liquid cooled products are currently supporting various mining operations globally. Mining applications demand high shock & vibe capabilities, unique packaging, and high efficiency. Our partners rely on CTM solutions to enable them to meet product and project goals.


How we help the Mining industry

Power Density

CTM proprietary inductor technology coupled with state-of-the-art cooling systems result in the highest power density solution on the market.

Shock & Vibration Capabilities

CTM products have been tested and passed rigorous explosive and extreme shock & vibe military requirements.

Fully Liquid Cooled Solutions

CTM Magnetics patented liquid cooled technology enables 97% of generated heat to be captured and removed by the coolant. This creates more flexibility in packaging magnetics and optimizing valuable onboard space.

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