Grid Energy Storage

Electrified Efficiency: CTM is Ready to Support the Grid

CTM Magnetics supports the grid energy storage sector with highly efficient and compact output filters. Inverters are used in energy storage systems to convert DC power to AC power. This power conversion creates unwanted harmonic distortion that needs to be mitigated in order to protect utility grids. Our ESS partners rely on highly efficient CTM sine wave filters and DC chokes that eliminate inverter produced harmonics, ensuring a cleaner grid.


How we help the Grid Energy Storage industry

Higher Efficiency

Highly efficient materials coupled with state-of-the-art cooling systems result in unparalleled performance.

Fully Liquid Cooled Solutions

CTM Magnetics patented liquid cooled technology enables 97% of generated heat to be captured and removed by the coolant. This creates more flexibility in packaging and results in the highest power density solution commercially available.


CTM solutions utilize highly efficient and reliable components. With over 100,000 products installed and over 1 billion hours of service, you can rely on CTM products year round.

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