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CTM Magnetics proudly pioneers patented technology inductors, purpose-built for the demands of electric motor simulation. From intensive research and development to robust production line testing and electric motor repair facilities, we are the driving force propelling the industry forward. Our high-frequency inductors (up to 1,000 Hz) conquer inductive loads and testing motor controllers with unparalleled precision. What sets us apart? Our patented liquid-cooled technology – a symbol of rugged reliability. We craft custom solutions, tailored to your needs, with the option for air-cooled dominance upon request.

Dynamic Applications of Electric Motor Simulators

Inductive Load Test

Elevate your testing capabilities with CTM Electric Motor Simulators, meticulously engineered for thorough assessment of inductive loads. Whether refining performance or ensuring robustness, our inductors provide the tools to confidently navigate and conquer a spectrum of challenging load scenarios.

Current Level Test

From low to high currents, our engineered solutions provide a versatile platform for comprehensive evaluations, allowing you to tailor your tests to the exact specifications required for your electric motor systems.

Motor Controller Performance

With unmatched precision and reliability, our Electric Motor Simulators empower you to scrutinize and optimize motor controller performance, ensuring your electric motors operate at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

CTM Magnetics

The Competitive Edge

High Frequency (0-1,000 Hz)

CTM Electric Motor Simulators are engineered to handle high frequencies ranging from 0 to 1,000 Hz. This remarkable capability ensures precision and responsiveness in evaluating inductive loads, diverse current levels, and motor controllers, allowing your team to explore the full spectrum of electric motor performance with confidence.

Patented Liquid-Cooled Technology

By efficiently dissipating heat, our innovative liquid-cooled solutions not only enhance the performance and longevity of our electric motor simulation products but also provide a competitive advantage in pushing the boundaries of electric motor technology.

Custom Solutions

CTM products are precisely engineered to seamlessly integrate with the dynamic demands of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry. Our offerings are the ideal match, tailored to elevate and excel within the fast-paced and evolving landscape of electric mobility.

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