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At CTM, we know that reliability and up-time are critical for our oil & gas customers. That is why CTM manufactures most reliable power quality products on the market with the lowest operating temperatures. CTM power quality solutions help protect all your critical applications, keeping equipment up and running for longer periods of time by reducing voltage spikes and harmful harmonic distortion.

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In oil & gas exploration, submersible pumps often require extremely long leads from the variable speed drive (VFD) to the motor. Due to potential noise and reflected-wave phenomena, it is critically important to remove any high frequency harmonic content caused by the VFD before the signal is sent to the motor. Enter CTM Sinewave Filters, the ultimate solution for motor protection. CTM Sinewave Filters virtually eliminate voltage transients (spikes) and high frequency harmonic distortion, transforming the pulse-width modulated (PWM) square wave signal from the AC drive to a near-perfect sinusoidal waveform. Additionally, in order to protect against the elements, CTM Sinewave Filters are offered with a NEMA 3R enclosure.

High frequency noise and electrical pollution caused by the nonlinear loads introduced by VFDs have lead regulatory committees to limit the amount of harmonic distortion allowed on the power grid. In order to meet the harmonic distortion requirements of IEEE 519, CTM offers several solutions to reduce total harmonic distortion; line/load reactors are an economical way to mitigate voltage transients and harmonic content, helping systems meet the total harmonic distortion limits set by IEEE 519. For noisier applications, active front-end filters can be utilized to further remove harmonic content, keeping applications with high levels of harmonic distortion within the limits set forth in IEEE 519.

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