60Hz Sine Wave Filters, Sine60TM

The Optimal Solution for 60Hz Motor Protection

Product Overview


Harmonic Distortion

<5% THVD @ 2 kHz

Voltage Range

Up to 500 V

Fundamental Frequency

6 - 70 Hz (up to 90Hz with derate)

Switching Frequency

2 - 40kHz (above 8kHz, verify with CTM engr)

Current Range

100 - 840 A

Overload Capability

150% rated current for 1 minute

Maximum Ambient Temperature

50 °C (122 °F) (higher with de-rating)

Motor Cable Length

Up to 15,000 feet

Enclosure Options

Modular Panel Integrated Panel NEMA 3R Cabinet

Agency Recognitions

cЯUus 1446

No Common Mode Noise Common-mode (bearing) current can have disastrous effects on induction motors, leading to electric fluting and premature bearing failure. CTM offers the only sine wave filters that do not introduce common-mode currents. High-Reliability Capacitors CTM sine wave filters utilize high-reliability capacitors. Compared to the electrolytic capacitors used in competitors’ filters, CTM capacitors have higher capacitance stability with temperature, higher surge voltage ratings, and are low ESR for higher ripple current handling. Additionally, CTM capacitors are self-healing. All of these factors lead to boosts in system reliability and longevity. 100% Load at Cold-Start (Automatic Restart) Electrolytic caps have high ESR at lower temperature. Hence, in cold environments, they require time to heat up during start/restart. If this procedure is not followed, electrolytic caps will fail. On the other hand, CTM’s capacitors are ready for 100% load at all temperatures, leading to quick cold-starts and restarts. Low Audible Noise Due to superior materials and geometric shapes, magnetostriction-induced noise is significantly lower in CTM filters.

CTM Magnetics offers a broad portfolio of sine wave filters to meet all your motor filtering needs:

Sine 60 – The optimal choice for 60 Hz motor protection. Designed for up to 70 Hz fundamental and 2+ kHz switching frequency. FlexSine 120 – For both induction and PM motor applications. Designed for up to 120 Hz fundamental (180 Hz with derate) and 2.5+ kHz switching frequency. HighSine 240 – Perfect for high-speed, PM motor applications (240 Hz). Designed for up to 240 Hz fundamental and 4+ kHz switching frequency. HighSine 350 – Perfect for high-speed, PM motor applications (350 Hz). Designed for up to 350 Hz fundamental and 5+ kHz switching frequency. HighSine 500 – Perfect for high-speed, PM motor applications (500 Hz). Designed for up to 500 Hz fundamental and 5+ kHz switching frequency.

Motor Protection Harmful square waves, voltage spikes, and harmonic distortion are all filtered from the inverter output, reducing motor heating, wear, and winding stress, providing critical motor protection. Maximum Motor Lead Length Reflected voltage waves occur when motor lead lengths reach or exceed a characteristic length of the system, which is dependent on the voltage rise times (dV/dt) in the cabling. By filtering the PWM waveform to a near perfect sinusoidal waveform, CTM sine wave filters minimize dV/dt, allowing for longer motor lead lengths (up to 15,000 feet in certain applications). Stop Rewinding Motors Installation of a CTM sine wave filter eliminates harmful voltage spikes, which reduces insulation stress. Additionally, CTM sine wave filters lessen harmonic current distortion, thereby minimizing unnecessary motor heating. By reducing winding stress and motor heat (two primary causes of motor winding failure), motor winding breakdown and failure is greatly reduced, minimizing the need to constantly rewind motors. Extended System Life and Reliability CTM sine wave filters greatly reduce voltage stress and excess heat not just for the motor, but for all other load side components, greatly extending life and reliability of the entire system.

60Hz Sine Wave Filters, Sine60TM