The Optimal Solution for Thermal Protection


TALON™ (Thermal & Advanced Logic Operations Network) is an advanced CPU control board designed to provide comprehensive harmonic monitoring, thermal protection, input voltage & current monitoring, THD calculation, and capacitor current regulation. TALON™ can be easily integrated with existing SCADA systems to offer intelligent control and real-time monitoring. Propel your energy systems to peak performance, ensuring optimal efficiency and heightened safety. Discover the forefront of comprehensive control with TALON™.

  • Harmonic monitoring
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overvoltage Detection

Product Options

Communication Options
  • Modbus TCP
  • E-Stop relay for non-Modbus Systems
Capacitor Contactor Options
  • Automatic control (on at 25% load)
  • Manual control via Modbus


Line Power
Generator Power
Gridhawk-plus-talon_grid to vfd
Gridhawk-plus-talon_generator to vfd

TALON™ vs The Competition


  • Capacitor current monitoring to ensure filter operation
  • THD monitoring & capacitor control
  • Comprehensive communication via Modbus TCP
  • Thermal switch & ambient temperature monitoring

The Competition

  • No capacitor current monitoring - capacitor failures are not detected
  • No Modbus communication or limited communication
  • No temperature monitoring


The Optimal Solution for Thermal Protection


  • Harmonic Distortion: TALON diligently monitors harmonic distortion, providing precise insights into the quality of your power supply, ensuring a clean and stable energy environment.
  • Grid Voltage Spikes: Stay ahead of electrical fluctuations with TALON, which actively monitors grid voltage spikes, offering real-time data to safeguard your systems from potential damage or disruptions.
  • Cabinet Temperature: TALON keeps a watchful eye on cabinet temperature, enabling proactive management to prevent overheating issues and ensuring the longevity of your equipment.


  • Live Data: TALON communicates live data on voltage, current, and total harmonic distortion (THD), empowering you with real-time information for informed decision-making and optimal system performance.
  • Ethernet/ModBus TCP: Seamlessly communicate and integrate with TALON through Ethernet and ModBus TCP, facilitating efficient data exchange and enabling intelligent control for enhanced energy system management.
  • Wi-Fi Connection & Monitoring: For ease of setup and checking the filter readings in the field, TALON creates its own Wi-Fi network for technicians to access with a smartphone or other mobile device. A web-based user interface shows filter readings as well as a page to configure the ethernet connection.


  • Device for Load: TALON serves as a reliable device for load management, intelligently distributing and regulating power to ensure balanced and efficient operation.
  • Automatic Contactor Engagement: TALON takes charge of system efficiency with automatic contactor engagement, optimizing power distribution and enhancing the overall performance of your energy systems.
  • Overheating Protection: TALON goes beyond monitoring by actively managing overheating risks, implementing protective measures to safeguard your equipment and maintain operational integrity.
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