The Optimal Transformer Solution for High Power 3-Phase Applications

3-Phase Transformers

CTM Magnetics transformer solutions are designed for 3-phase, 25 kVA – 5 MVA applications. Engineered using proprietary materials, CTM transformers are the ideal choice for both line and high frequency systems. With decades of expertise designing and manufacturing power quality products for both commercial and military applications, CTM is a trusted source for all your magnetics needs.

  • Liquid-Cooling Technology
  • Military-Grade Shock/Vibration Standard
  • High Power Density
  • High Frequency

Product Options

  • Air Cooled
  • Liquid Cooled
Open-Chassis Options
  • Terminal Lead
  • Flying Leads
  • Liquid Cooled
Package Options
  • MagStand™ Cabinet
  • MagPallet™ Cabinet
  • MagPac™ VFD Integrated


Line Side
Load Side
Line Power
Load Power

CTM vs. The Competition


  • High frequency capable
  • Air & liquid cooled solutions
  • Military grade shock & vibration
  • Highest power density solution
  • Silent operation
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Highly efficient patented transformer technology

The Competition

  • Limited frequency capabilities
  • Air cooled only
  • Low shock & vibration capabilities
  • Lower power density
  • Produces significant noise
  • Cooling system not included
  • Inefficient silicon steel transformers


Product Highlights

Liquid Cooling

  • Unparalleled power density
  • Best in class thermal efficiency
  • Minimal heat surrounding environment
  • More flexible with packaging

Military Shock & Vibration

  • Explosive and extreme shock & vibration tested
  • Unparalleled ruggedness & longevity

High Power Density

  • Smallest size & optimized cost
  • Up to 60% reduction in volume compared to competitors
  • Best in class performance
  • No derate

High Frequency

  • 0 – 10 kHz+ capable
  • No high frequency derate
  • High efficiency at high frequencies


The Optimal Transformer Solution for High Power 3-Phase Applications

Transformer Efficiency:
CTM Magnetics patented toroidal technology enables highly efficient transformer designs for both line and high frequency applications.

Power Density:
Innovative packaging and cooling systems, combined with highly efficient transformers enable unparalleled power density.

Liquid Cooling:
CTM Magnetics patented liquid cooled technology enables higher thermal efficiency, power density, and performance. With liquid cooling, 97% of the transformer heat is captured by the coolant with only 3% released to ambient. This reduces the need for additional cooling and allows for more flexibility in locating transformer near temperature sensitive equipment.

Military Grade Shock & Vibration:
CTM liquid cooled transformers have been tested and passed rigorous explosive and extreme shock & vibe military testing. CTM liquid cooled transformers are the optimal choice for mobile, marine, and military applications.

Silent Operation:
CTM transformers utilize patented “donut” toroidal geometry. This technology offers multiple benefits over market standard silicon steel laminated solutions. With toroidal transformers, the effect of magnetostriction is greatly reduced, leading to extremely low noise levels allowing for silent operation.


3-Phase Transformers Product Specs

Voltage Range
300 v – 3,000 v

Frequency Capability
0-10 kHz

Power Ratings
25 kVA – 5 MVA

Cooling Options
Air Cooled & Liquid Cooled

Enclosure Options
Modular Panel | NEMA 3R Cabinet

Agency Recognitions
cRUus 1446 |UL 508 A

Overload Capability
150% rated current for 1 min (air cooled)
200% rated current for 1 min (liquid cooled)

Ambient Temperature Range
Maximum: 50 °C (122 °F) (air cooled) | 65 °C (149 °F) (liquid cooled)
Minimum: -40 °C (-40 °F) (air & liquid cooled)

Preventative measures should be taken to ensure the coolant does not freeze in the system.

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