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August 17, 2023

Grid Protection


Non-linear loads such as variable frequency drives (VFD’s) produce significant harmonic distortion that can have harmful effects on a motor drive system. These VFD’s also produce reflected harmonics that are sent back to the grid, distorting it. In certain regions, such as the Permian Basin, electric utility providers have started shutting off power to customers who do not meet specific requirements for reducing drive produced harmonics such as IEEE-519. CTM Magnetics manufactures passive harmonic GridHawk® filters that not only reduce drive produced harmonics to meet these requirements, but also are rated to operate in severely distorted voltage environments.

How We Help

CTM’s GridHawk® series product line boasts several key advantages over other market standard passive harmonic filters. CTM GridHawk® filters sit between the utility connection and the motor drive or VFD (see graphic below). When you purchase a GridHawk® filter from CTM Magnetics you are investing in a filter that has been engineered to perform in harsh environments both electrically and physically. GridHawk® series filters are able to handle up to 25% harmonic voltage distortion (THVD), and can perform in rain, snow, and extremely dusty environments.