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August 17, 2023

Motor Protection


With more than 85% of electrical energy being consumed by motors in industrial production, the ability to optimize these motors for energy efficiency and longevity is of great value. For industrial motor protection applications CTM Magnetics manufactures a wide variety of power quality products that help you achieve higher energy efficiency and longevity for your motor drive system. This leads to a lower capitol investment (CAPEX), as well as a lower operating cost (OPEX).

How We Help

CTM Magnetics manufactures high power sine wave filters, reactors, and fully customizable solutions to meet all of your load side filtering needs. CTM’s load side products sit between the the AC motor drive, variable frequency drive (VFD), or variable speed drive (VSD), and the motor or load (see graphic below). Additionally, CTM’s load side products include line and high frequency sine wave filters and reactors for induction and permanent magnet (PM) industrial motor protection applications, as well as fully custom solutions.

Due to our uniquely patented liquid cooled technology, CTM Magnetics offers the highest power density solutions (smallest package sizes) available on the market. Additionally, CTM products do not introduce common mode noise. All of these factors, and many more, make CTM Magnetics the best choice in power quality products. CTM Magnetics has designed and manufactured load side products for customers in oil and gas productionenergy storage & utilityHVAC & chillersmarine & offshore, manufacturing, military, and other markets. Lower your capitol investment and operating cost today, choose CTM.