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February 20, 2021

Film Capacitors vs. Electrolytic Capacitors

Film Capacitor Advantages

CTM Magnetics utilizes high-reliability poly-film capacitors. Compared to the electrolytic capacitors used in our competitors’ filters, CTM's film capacitor advantages include higher temperature ratings, higher surge voltage ratings, lower ESR for higher ripple current handling, and are self-healing. ESR is the series resistance of the capacitor. The lower the ESR, the better the capacitor will perform. All of these factors lead to boosts in system reliability and longevity.

Below is a graph comparing the ESR rating and life expectancy between two capacitors with the same 50 µF rating @ 60 Hz. The data shows that the film capacitor has a better (lower) ESR rating. Film capacitors are also shown to have a significantly longer life expectancy. For a more reliable power quality solution choose CTM Magnetics.

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