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February 21, 2021

GridHawk® Series Advantages

GridHawk Passive Harmonic Filters

CTM’s GridHawk® series passive harmonic filters boast several key advantages over market standard harmonic filters. These advantages include:

High Grid Voltage Survivability

GridHawk® filters are unique in that they are built to survive high levels of voltage distortion without a derate. Comparatively, most passive harmonic filters require a substantial derate, sometimes over 100%, in highly distorted environments.

Contactor Enclosures

Many harmonic filters use NEMA 3R outdoor cabinets in blowing dust or high humidity environments. A harmonic filter waiting in the field for 30 days to be connected can collect enough dust on the contactor to fail on startup. A failed contactor removes the capacitors from the harmonic filter circuit, severely reducing filter performance. Sealed contactors protect outdoor harmonic filters from this contamination. All CTM GridHawk® filters come with sealed contactor enclosures.

Film Capacitors

CTM Magnetics utilizes high-reliability poly-film capacitors. Compared to the electrolytic capacitors used in competitors’ filters, CTM’s film capacitor advantages include higher temperature ratings, higher surge voltage ratings, lower ESR for higher ripple current handling, and are self-healing. ESR is the series resistance of the capacitor. The lower the ESR, the better the capacitor will perform. All of these factors lead to boosts in system reliability and longevity.

Direct Liquid Cooled Options

CTM Magnetics is the industry leader in liquid cooled power quality solutions. Our patented liquid cooled technology comes with several key advantages. These advantages include smaller package sizes, increased reliability, high efficiency, silent operation, and the highest power density available.

5 Year Capacitor Warranty

 All CTM GridHawk® filters come with a 5 year capacitor warranty.

UL 508A listing available

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