Motor Protection

With more than 85% of electrical energy being consumed by motors in industrial production, the ability to optimize these motors for energy efficiency and longevity is of great value. CTM Magnetics manufactures a wide variety of power quality products that help you achieve higher energy efficiency and longevity for your motor drive system leading to a lower capitol investment (CAPEX), as well as a lower operating cost (OPEX).

Grid Protection

Non-linear loads such as variable frequency drives (VFD’s) can produce significant harmonic distortion that can have harmful effects on a motor drive system. These motor drives also produce reflected harmonics that are sent back to the grid, distorting it. In certain regions, such as the Permian Basin, electric utility providers have started shutting off power to customers who do not meet specific requirements for reducing drive produced harmonics. CTM Magnetics manufactures passive harmonic GridHawk® filters that not only reduce drive produced harmonics to meet these requirements, but also are rated to operate in severely distorted voltage environments. All of CTM’s GridHawk® products come with a 5 year capacitor warranty and a performance guarantee. Are you protected? Purchase a GridHawk® today.

Power Generation & Energy Storage

According to a recent U.S. energy information administration study, large scale battery storage is expected to increase by over 360% between 2020 to 2023. The large addition of energy storage capacity coupled with the Biden administration’s renewable energy production plan creates an opportunity for companies that support the power generation and energy storage markets. CTM Magnetics serves customers in this market by providing products that reduce overall harmonics and energy loss produced by inverters. Our products increase system efficiency by ensuring the maximum amount of energy is being stored from its renewable sources.

High Frequency Transformers:

CTM Magnetics produces high frequency transformers with silicon carbide frequencies up to 50 kHz. Our transformer products have been used in both medical and military applications where performance is critical. Our customers choose CTM because of our unparalleled capabilities and consistent performance record. The CTM family is committed to meeting all of our customer’s application requirements.  For more information about our capabilities and product offering contact us here.

Custom Solutions:

CTM Magnetics offers fully-custom and semi-custom solutions for a wide variety of applications. CTM’s engineering staff is able to produce custom and semi-custom designs within as little as two business days. Contact CTM Magnetics today for more information on our capabilities.

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